ValuAmerica Adds ClosingCorp’s SmartCalc To Its Website

Posted by Patrick Barnard on February 01, 2017 No Comments
Categories : Residential Mortgage

SmartCalc, ClosingCorp’s customizable closing costs calculator, is now integrated with ValuAmerica‘s website.

That means ValuAmerica will be able to provide accurate, instant online quotes, including actual title and settlement rates and fees, transfer taxes, and recording fees, on a 24/7 basis, ClosingCorp says in a release.

Using SmartCalc, lenders will be able to access accurate settlement services information for loan estimate and closing cost documents. In addition, Realtors have a new tool to help them provide their sellers with the information they need to understand the potential proceeds from the sale of their properties – including a breakdown of buyer and seller fees.

SmartCalc’s personalized Seller Net Sheet shows the title, settlement services, transfer tax, recording fees and commission associated with the closing process.

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