Tech Vendor Supports, Certifies Field Service Work

Posted by Orb Staff on August 06, 2010 No Comments
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Pruvan, a service record technology provider, says its Pruvan 1.0 photo-management system has enabled field service vendors nationwide to capture, contextualize and securely share more than 36 million photos.

Launched in June, Pruvan says it is being used by more than 1,500 field vendors to automatically capture and store more than 600,000 proof-of-performance photos a day and the associated evidence of when, where and for whom the photos were taken.

Pruvan 1.0 was designed to enable the transfer of photos wirelessly from the job site, providing improved collaboration and streamlining of the workflow process, the company says. The system also is able to deliver service providers a tamper-proof, certified service record of when, where and for whom the service work was performed.

SOURCE: Pruvan

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