SLK Global Launches New Real Estate Tax System For Mortgage Servicers

Posted by Patrick Barnard on May 31, 2017 No Comments
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SLK Global Solutions has launched a new real estate tax solution for the mortgage servicing industry called Real Estate Tax Servicing (RETS).

The new offering caters to both commercial and residential portfolios.

“Property taxes still pose a significant challenge for mortgage servicers, and many are laboring under the misconception that they have limited options for finding support from a trusted third party,” says Scott Friberg, president of the tax division for SLK Global, in a release. “For too long, the servicing industry has been held hostage by too few tax servicing firms that are operating on legacy systems with little to no flexibility to meet individual clients’ needs. Furthermore, they lost that customer service touch that meant so much in the past. Servicers were forced to patronize them, as there were limited options in the marketplace. We’re breaking that trap with an expert offering.”

The company claims this new tax solution offers three unique advantages that servicers have not enjoyed in the past, including real-time customer service related specifically to the property tax process; pricing based on the specific needs of the servicer, including its portfolio size; and the ability to customize the system in order to meet specific requirements.

“It’s time the servicing industry gets control, especially of those functions, like property tax services, that they must outsource to industry experts,” Friberg adds. “RETS is our answer to the servicer’s desire for more control, better pricing, higher quality and a better partner than they have had in the past.”

In addition to RETS, SLK Global also provides automated loan-level audits for origination, accurate broker price opinions, property lien and ownership search reports, Web-based loan origination, mobile apps, municipal lien search, and property tax reports.

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