Roostify Announces Another Customer Win

Posted by Patrick Barnard on February 11, 2015 No Comments
Categories : Residential Mortgage

Miramar Federal Credit Union is the latest lender to sign up for Roostify's technology solution that helps simplify the mortgage process from application to closing.

Using Roostify's platform, the credit union can deliver a Web-based portal where borrowers can easily apply for a mortgage. The secure platform allows borrowers upload important documents, thus avoiding the need to send documents via fax, email and, in some cases, even flat mail. As such, the platform significantly speeds the mortgage application process for both borrower and lender.

What's more, the platform sports an organized workflow management system that keeps both the lender and applicant up to date on progress in real time.

The system guides borrowers through the application process by delivering a personalized list of the documents that are needed based on which product type is being applied for.

In addition, Roostify's platform supports e-signatures, thus reducing the need for scanning, faxing and even visiting the loan applicant in person to capture ink-on-paper signatures.

The platform also sports communications features that make it easier for all parties involved in the mortgage process to communicate, regardless of their location, in order to move the loan process along quicker and more efficiently.

‘Roostify has been a great tool for us to streamline the mortgage process for our members, specifically those who may be travelling during the process, whether it be for military deployment or otherwise,’ says Paul Socia, president and CEO of Miramar Federal Credit Union, in a release. ‘Our loan officers and customers are delighted with the ability to lessen the time it takes to close a loan and with much less back and forth when collecting documentation and signatures – the whole process is simplified.’

‘Our members appreciate that we make the process as simple as possible, and more importantly, we are keeping their information completely safe at the same time,’ adds Socia. ‘At the end of the day, we are providing a superior experience.’

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