QuestSoft Partners With Seven E-Signature Solutions Providers

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Technology vendors in the mortgage space have been talking about the coming of the ‘e-mortgage’ for many years now – but it would seem that the doc-prep and e-signature technology is now finally ripe to make e-mortgages a reality.

Critical to the development of a completely electronic mortgage application and approval process is the integration of reliable and secure e-signature solutions.

To that end, QuestSoft Corp., a provider of automated mortgage compliance software, has added e-signature gateways from six providers, thus broadening the options for customers using QuestSoft's Internal Revenue Service (IRS) 4506-T and Social Security Administration (SSA)-89 verification services.

In addition to its automated direct integration with Communication Intelligence Corporation's (CIC) e-signature technology, QuestSoft can also accept 4506-T submissions with six other e-sign companies including DocMagic, DocuPrep, DocuSign, eSignSystems, IDS and Silanis, it reports.

‘We discovered some of our clients were already using e-signature services from other providers, and we wanted to make sure they were accommodated,’ says Suzanne Mosher, national manager for 4506-T and SSN verifications for QuestSoft. ‘As our in-house partner, CIC helps assist companies to easily gather signatures for 4506-T services. Connecting with our clients' vendors can also help them with their workflow.’

Through these partnerships, customers using QuestSoft's verification software, Desktop VERIFY, can readily integrate the e-signature technology that best meets their needs.

‘With the IRS-approved electronic signature requirements, those who handle 4506-T requests no longer have to maintain both an electronic and paper loan file,’ says Mosher. ‘It's all centralized with Compliance VERIFY.’

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