Pro Teck Endorses TAVMA’s AMC Standards

Posted by Orb Staff on January 29, 2010 No Comments
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Pro Teck Valuation Services, a Waltham, Mass.-based real estate valuation and risk solutions provider, says it endorses the Title/Appraisal Vendor Management Association's (TAVMA) ‘Standards of Good Practice in Appraisal Management’ as a necessary step in ensuring consistency and quality from all appraisal management companies (AMCs).

TAVMA has published its standards as a set of guidelines for participants in the appraisal management industry. The standards outline best practices to help ensure that AMCs and appraisers deliver objective valuations to the financial institutions they serve.

As a member of TAVMA, Pro Teck was actively involved in the creation of the standards.

"After more than three decades in the business, Pro Teck has perfected multiple business, training and quality control process that produce more accurate valuations," says Tom O'Grady, CEO. "We believe it is good for the industry to have minimum standards, and were happy to lend our expertise."

SOURCE: Pro Teck Valuation Services

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