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Harry Gardner: Misconceptions Still Surround E-Signatures

Written by Patrick Barnard on July 24, 2017

PERSON OF THE WEEK: Harry Gardner is executive vice president of e-strategies for Docutech, a provider of e-signature and e-document technology to the mortgage industry. MortgageOrb recently interviewed Gardner to learn more about the benefits that e-signatures bring to lenders [Read More]

Maria A. Hatfield: Harnessing Big Data for Underwriting

Posted by Michael Bates on July 19, 2017

PERSON OF THE WEEK: As federal regulators and the nation’s largest secondary market investors continue to seek out ways to make home financing available to more Americans, the traditional methods of evaluating consumer credit are being called into question. Increasingly, [Read More]

Richard Yonis: Tax and Flood Missteps Can Be Costly

Posted by Michael Bates on July 10, 2017

PERSON OF THE WEEK: Richard Yonis is senior vice president and national sales director for LERETA, which provides property tax data and flood hazard status information to mortgage lenders and servicers. MortgageOrb talked to Yonis to gather his thoughts about [Read More]

Brian Fitzpatrick: Contamination Is the Problem

Posted by Michael Bates on June 26, 2017

PERSON OF THE WEEK: Brian K. Fitzpatrick is president and CEO of LoanLogics Inc., which focuses on loan quality management and performance analytics technologies for the mortgage industry. We recently checked in with him to get a sense of how [Read More]

Barry Malone: Customers Appreciate Having Their Loans Serviced By Their Original Lender

Written by Patrick Barnard on June 09, 2017

PERSON OF THE WEEK: Barry Malone is senior vice president of sales for Financial Industry Computer Systems Inc., a provider of mortgage loan origination and mortgage servicing software. MortgageOrb recently interviewed Malone to learn more about the challenges of in-house [Read More]

Why Repealing Dodd-Frank Will Fail

Written by Peter G. Miller on June 08, 2017

The last time the Financial CHOICE Act was up before Congress, the bill went nowhere.

HMDA Changes Are Coming: Are You Prepared?

Written by Jennifer Cagle on June 05, 2017

BLOG VIEW: Nationstar Mortgage was recently fined $1.75 million for violating the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) by allegedly consistently failing to report accurate data about mortgage transactions from 2012 through 2014. This is the largest HMDA civil penalty imposed [Read More]

Mortgage Loan Solicitors In Vermont Must Get Bonded By Year’s End

Written by Todd Bryant on May 30, 2017

BLOG VIEW: A bill recently passed in the state of Vermont introduces changes to the licensing requirements for loan solicitors. According to the new bill, as of Dec. 31, loan solicitation companies and individuals will be required to obtain a [Read More]

Barry Hays: Servicers Must Reinvent Their Call Centers For Multichannel Millennials

Written by Patrick Barnard on May 30, 2017

PERSON OF THE WEEK: If you’re a mortgage servicer, you can safely assume that live phone communications with borrowers will become much less prevalent in the future. That’s because younger borrowers – millennials included – are much more inclined to [Read More]

Michael Wojcik: Appraisers Concerned About Growing Use Of Data And Analytics

Written by Patrick Barnard on May 23, 2017

Appraisers are concerned about the technology movement, including the use of big data and analytics, and how that might impact their careers in the future.

Refining Property Preservation Is Doable With Technology

Written by Bill Colby on May 22, 2017

Pre-foreclosure management of properties can be greatly improved with technology.

Conferences: How Prepared Are You To Make The Most Of Them?

Written by Barry Hays on May 22, 2017

BLOG VIEW: Like the swallows returning to Capistrano, most of us have annual pilgrimages that mark the seasons. We call them conferences. The mortgage industry is fortunate to have some of the best annual conferences of any business sector in [Read More]

Bob Dougherty: Data-Driven LOS Will Gain Favor Among Mortgage Lenders

Written by Patrick Barnard on May 15, 2017

PERSON OF THE WEEK: The loan origination system (LOS) is the core system and “workhorse” of any mortgage software ecosystem. These central software applications control the bulk of the mortgage origination process, from application through closing, including the automated processing [Read More]

MORNING COMMUTE: CFPB Seeks Feedback On Mortgage Servicing Rules

Written by Patrick Barnard on May 09, 2017

MORNING COMMUTE: Morning Commute makes its triumphant return after a four-week hiatus. And the music this morning was Allan Holdsworth’s “Road Games,” a fabulous jazz fusion record from 1983 and Holdsworth’s only release on a major label (Warner Brothers). On [Read More]

Can The Mortgage Interest Deduction Really End?

Written by Peter G. Miller on May 03, 2017

Is the mortgage interest deduction safe from extinction? Like much in Washington, D.C., one must read between the lines.

Rida Sharaf: Evolution Of REO Asset Management Drives Need For Deep Expertise

Written by Patrick Barnard on May 01, 2017

PERSON OF THE WEEK: Although it is true that the inventory of real estate owned (REO) properties has dropped nearly to pre-recession levels – and that mortgage delinquencies and defaults have fallen to pre-crisis lows – by no means is [Read More]

Can We Avoid A GSE Bailout?

Written by Peter G. Miller on May 01, 2017

Proposals to replace Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac with new firms will falter unless Congress okays a federal line of credit.

Blockchain: The Next Mortgage Industry Shake-Up?

Written by Jason Nadeau on April 26, 2017

Why blockchain technology will be the next big thing for the mortgage industry.

Self-Driving Technology And The Mortgage Industry: What Could The Future Hold?

Written by Pramod Karachur on April 25, 2017

Much like the automotive industry, mortgage lenders and their vendor partners are now in a quest to build a fully “self-driving” mortgage process.

Carlos Sa: Building Your Own Lending System Offers Many Benefits

Written by Patrick Barnard on April 24, 2017

PERSON OF THE WEEK: Although most mortgage lenders use “best of breed” or “out of the box” loan origination systems (LOS) from the top vendors, there are still plenty out there that have developed – and that continue to support [Read More]