Flagstar: Integration Of Stearns Delegated Correspondent Business Going Smoothly

Written by Patrick Barnard on May 24, 2017

Through the acquisition, Flagstar gains a significant number of correspondent relationships accounting for more than $7 billion in agency and government loans in 2016.

Freddie Mac Uses Big Data To Power Loan Advisor Suite

Written by Patrick Barnard on May 03, 2017

Freddie Mac continues to add new features and capabilities to its Loan Advisor Suite based on feedback from users.

To Effectively Target Millennials, Mortgage Lenders Must Go Mobile

Written by Patrick Barnard on December 08, 2016

In order to tap into the huge potential of the millennial market, mortgage lenders must make significant investment in new technologies – in particular, mobile technologies.

Lenders Shift Their Focus To ‘Regulatory Compliance Risk’

Written by Patrick Barnard on October 18, 2016

The type of risk that lenders face today has changed compared with even just a few years ago.

Freddie Mac Advances Mortgage Automation Revolution

Written by Patrick Barnard on October 06, 2016

The new suite provides an automated process for helping lenders determine if a loan meets Freddie Mac’s guidelines.

Freddie Mac Officially Launches Loan Advisor Suite

Written by Patrick Barnard on July 27, 2016

“These tools deliver our policies and procedures in a way that is very consumable and uniform across all lenders and servicers.”

Are You Confident Your Service Provider Is On Top Of Compliance?

Written by Elizabeth Anderson Lopez on February 24, 2016

With regulatory changes that keep on coming, lenders and servicers alike must ensure that their third-party service providers know what to look out for.

Making Quality Happen

Written by Kevin Wall on October 09, 2014

Even if you are focused on defect-free loan manufacturing, can you
be sure your service providers are, too?

When It Comes To Transferring MSRs, Communication Is Key

Written by Jeffrey A. Bunda on September 22, 2014

The most important issue to focus on is whether a borrower is engaged in substantive loss mitigation.