Mann Mortgage Using MortgageSAT To Measure Customer Satisfaction

Posted by Patrick Barnard on July 09, 2015 No Comments
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Mann Mortgage is now using STRATMOR Group's MortgageSAT borrower satisfaction survey service to measure customer satisfaction across a number of distinct brands, including third-party originators.

The Montana-based mortgage lender, which has operations in 15 states, utilizes multiple origination channels for mortgage production sources. It chose MortgageSAT for its analytical power and the ability to respond quickly to dissatisfied borrowers. The company was also looking for a tool that would allow them to accurately reflect the role of their third party partners in the origination process.

With MortgageSAT, the company can now measure borrower's satisfaction without revealing the identities of its affiliates or correspondent partners.

In a release, Tim Ryan, senior director at STRATMOR Group, says Mann Mortgage is the first lender to use MortgageSAT to gauge customer satisfaction for its third party originators.

‘MortgageSAT helps lenders like Mann Mortgage monitor and ensure a good origination experience and promote the local loan sources that do it well,’ Ryan says. ‘MortgageSAT allows lenders to respond to borrowers immediately, e.g. whenever a satisfaction rating falls below a trigger benchmark, turning dissatisfied clients into a source of new referral business.’

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