ISGN, Bradford Technologies Launch New Desktop Appraisal Solution

Posted by Patrick Barnard on June 15, 2015 No Comments
Categories : Residential Mortgage

ISGN Corp. has teamed up with Bradford Technologies to launch Valuation Advantage Desktop Appraisal, a new desktop appraisal product supported by a third-party inspection of the property.

The reports delivered via this new service are prepared by licensed and certified appraisers with local market knowledge, ISGN says in a release.

The reports utilize statistical analysis and local appraiser expertise to support the subject property's value. This, in turn, produces a higher quality and more reliable valuation compared to an automated valuation model and other non-appraiser valuation products, ISGN says.

The desktop appraisal solution includes the CoreLogic Case-Shiller Index two-year market forecast for a better understanding of a property's long-term value and risk as a collateral instrument.

‘ISGN's Valuation Advantage Desktop Appraisal adds to our portfolio of valuation products – a true appraisal that is accurate, credible and empirically supported while still being highly competitive in price to the alternatives,’ says Paul Imura, chief marketing officer at ISGN, in a release. ‘We're excited about this latest offering and the value it will provide to our clients.’

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