IndiSoft And CoreLogic Credco Announce Integration

Posted by Patrick Barnard on October 15, 2014 No Comments
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CoreLogic Credco's Instant Merge SoftTouch solution – which provides consumer counselors with a three-bureau, merged, soft inquiry credit report to assist homeowners in debt counseling – is now available through IndiSoft's RxOffice Counselor Case Management Edition module, thanks to a new integration.

‘Maintaining a good credit score is paramount to consumers,’ says Sanjeev Dahiwadkar, CEO and president of IndiSoft, in a release. ‘Offering CoreLogic's Instant Merge SoftTouch credit report improves counselors' efficiency while allowing them to work more effectively with consumers, all without affecting their credit score.’

‘This unique feature also enables counselors to have confidence that all of the latest regulations are met; therefore, they can provide consumers with far better service,’ Dahiwadkar adds.

‘Sustainable homeownership is an incredibly important aspect of our society,’ says Kendra Rawls, senior vice president of credit services for CoreLogic. ‘With the inclusion of Instant Merge SoftTouch on RxOffice Counselor Case Management Edition, home counselors now have access to the best available credit information on their clients, without the negative score impact associated with a traditional credit report pull.’

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