IDS Boosts E-Mortgage Capabilities on Core Platform

Posted by Michael Bates on July 12, 2017 No Comments
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International Document Services Inc. (IDS), a mortgage document preparation vendor, has expanded the settings and capabilities of its eSign room within the idsDoc mortgage doc prep platform.

The company says the new features enable lenders to create a more seamless and unified eSign experience for borrowers, including allowing loan officers and borrowers to upload custom documents to the eSign room. When a document is uploaded, the LO is prompted to assign a signature type to the document – either e-signature, wet sign or acknowledgment – or to simply insert the document into the package.

From there, LOs can add signature lines and/or checkboxes to indicate where and how the borrower should sign. LOs can then insert the document(s) into the appropriate borrower document eSign list.

“By expanding the capabilities of the idsDoc eSign room to include custom docs and branding, we are helping our clients build trust with borrowers in the security and ease-of-use of the e-sign process,” says Mark Mackey, vice president and general manager of IDS.

Lenders can also now incorporate their own branding within the IDS eSign room, creating a visually cohesive environment to preserve borrower trust with the e-signature process. Another function to help consumers through the process is the new LO comment feature, which allows LOs to insert digital “sticky notes” with directions or other pertinent information into documents.

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