Fulton Financial Corp. Upgrades To FirstClose’s Complete New Report System

Posted by Patrick Barnard on June 06, 2017 No Comments
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Fulton Financial Corp., a Lancaster, Penn.-based financial holding company that has 242 banking offices in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey and Virginia through its subsidiary banks, is now using the new, complete FirstClose Report system, a refinance and home equity lending technology solution and vendor management system.

Previously, the company was utilizing FirstClose’s legacy software on an “a la carte” basis.

Now, following an upgrade to the new version, it is using the full service.

As such, Fulton Financial is now able to receive comprehensive refinance and home equity loan reports, including title, flood, valuation and other important data elements in one file. The new system also provides a number of automations that are not available in the old system and should increase efficiency and help reduce turntimes.

“We have been extremely pleased with the services we have been receiving from FirstClose and are looking forward to a continued partnership in which we are able to utilize even more loan report amenities,” says Khanh Dang, senior retail credit operations manager at Fulton Financial, in a release.

Fulton Financial does retail business through the following subsidiary banks: Fulton Bank N.A., Lancaster, Pa.; Swineford National Bank, Middleburg, Pa.; Lafayette Ambassador Bank, Bethlehem, Pa.; FNB Bank N.A., Danville, Pa.; Fulton Bank of New Jersey, Mt. Laurel, N.J.; and The Columbia Bank, Columbia, Md.

The corporation’s investment management and trust services are offered at all banks through Fulton Financial Advisors, a division of Fulton Bank N.A.

Residential mortgage lending is offered at all banks under the Fulton Mortgage Co. brand.

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