Fast-Track Legislation Resource Center Launched By Safeguard

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As the concept of fast-track legislation for vacant and abandoned properties gains momentum, Safeguard Properties has launched its Fast-Track Legislation Resource Center, which consolidates legislation in an interactive map tool.

This new tool will help industry professionals stay abreast of the latest fast-track legislation. All a user has to do is click on a state to see what fast track laws have been enacted or are under consideration. It also offers links to applicable media coverage.

Users can also quickly access a final fast-track bill's text and legislative history.

An important component to fast-tracking vacant and abandoned properties is the ability to determine if a property is a candidate for the expedited process. To help with this, the resource also highlights definitions of ‘vacancy’ or ‘abandoned’ within each piece of legislation.

‘We felt it was important for Safeguard to take the lead and invest the time and resources in researching and consolidating fast-track legislation so that it can be easily shared,’ says Alan Jaffa, CEO of Safeguard, in a release. ‘Lawmakers and business leaders are searching for ways to rebuild communities and our hope is that this tool will be a useful resource to help stabilize at-risk neighborhoods and stem blight.’

Robert Klein, founder and chairman of Safeguard, has long been a proponent of the concept of fast-tracking, the company says in its release.

Michael Halpern, director of community initiatives for Safeguard, whose department spearheaded the Fast-Track Legislation Resource Center, says reducing foreclosure timelines for abandoned and vacant properties is important because it ‘returns the property to productive use’ in a shorter time frame, ‘which benefits neighborhoods and the community as a whole.’

‘By making state-by-state fast-track legislative information universally accessible, new doors will open to create even more solution-driven conversations,’ Halpern says.

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