eSignSystems Unveils New Version Of SmartSAFE

Posted by Patrick Barnard on April 02, 2015 No Comments
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eSignSystems, a division of DocMagic Inc., has introduced a new version of its SmartSAFE e-signature application that offers greater scalability, increased transaction volume and a simplified user interface.

Dubbed SmartSAFE XL, the new version has been completely re-coded using Microsoft technologies such as ASP.NET MVC 5.0 and Entity Framework 6 as well as HTML 5. Thus it is a completely Web-based system with no need to run any software client-side.

In addition to offering new e-signing, e-delivery, e-vaulting capabilities, the solution's new user interface and advanced capabilities allow for a more intuitive e-signature process. The search fields are smarter and modifications to participants and annotations can be done on the fly, eSignSystems says in a press release.

‘Users of SmartSAFE XL will experience a clean and intuitive user experience in the management of documents and SigningRooms, increased workflow efficiencies, and streamlined administration of the system, making SmartSAFE XL one of the most robust and powerful eSignature and eVaulting solutions on the market,’ says Kelly Purcell, executive vice president of sales and marketing at eSignSystems. ‘The new platform is ideal for companies that require more flexibility, extendibility and control over their e-sign processes.’

The platform is completely secure and provides legally binding audit trails that are automatically initiated, collected and retained for the lifetime of the electronic record, eSignSystems says. What's more it is fully compliant with the Uniform Electronic Transaction Act and other e-sign industry standards.

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