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Is 'Patient' Longer Or Shorter Than 'Considerable Time?'
on Thursday December 18 2014 by Patrick Barnard print the content item
BLOG VIEW: Yesterday, we got another muddled, vapid, near-meaningless statement from the Federal Reserve as to when it might raise short-term interest rates. I was [read more]
Uniting For Quality Appraisals
on Tuesday December 16 2014 by Garrett Mays print the content item
BLOG VIEW: There is not much the housing market relies on more heavily than accurate property valuations. In this time of continued economic recovery, the [read more]
More Borrowers Deserve A 'H4P-Pier' Retirement
on Monday December 15 2014 by Harve Lubin print the content item
BLOG VIEW: What if I told you that you could buy a house with no mortgage payments? You'd think I was crazy, wouldn't you? Yet, [read more]
Five Things Servicers Can Do Now To Improve Customer Satisfaction
on Thursday December 11 2014 by Barry Hays print the content item
BLOG VIEW: Under pressure from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), mortgage servicers are placing greater emphasis on improving the customer experience. It's a worthy [read more]
Why Loan Officers Need To Invest Time In Surveys
on Wednesday December 10 2014 by Drew Waterhouse print the content item
BLOG VIEW: It seems that at this time, every year, mortgage professionals are being asked to take part in an industry survey. I guess Hammerhouse, [read more]
The Right Product At The Right Time
on Thursday November 20 2014 by Richard Beidl print the content item
BLOG VIEW: Albert Einstein was once quoted as saying that the definition of insanity is "doing the same thing over and over again and expecting [read more]
Building Better Relationships Through Omnichannel Lending
on Monday November 17 2014 by Joey McDuffee print the content item
BLOG VIEW: Borrowers' expectations are high in today's business environment and lenders are expected to meet or surpass them. Not only do today's borrowers expect [read more]
Rise Of The Humans: Automation Versus Personalized Service
on Monday November 17 2014 by Susan Graham print the content item
BLOG VIEW: Within today's technology-driven mortgage environment, automation has become commonplace for tasks of every size and level of importance for lenders. Beyond the use [read more]
New Report Helps Lenders Better Comply With Dodd-Frank
on Friday November 14 2014 by Steve Wiese print the content item
BLOG VIEW: What are the primary factors that affect a borrower's ability to repay? If you mentioned maintenance costs on the house they purchased, you'd [read more]
Why It's Time To Market HELOCs And Home Equity Loans
on Wednesday November 12 2014 by Kesna Lawrence print the content item
BLOG VIEW: Talk about a perfect alignment: The U.S. economy is improving and housing prices continue to rebound. That much we knew. But what about [read more]
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