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The Lure And Dangers Of Biweekly Mortgages
by Peter G. Miller on August 12, 2015
BLOG VIEW: For as long as anyone can remember, biweekly mortgages have been a financial oddity - a form of lending that, in theory, actually [read more]
Will Exotic Mortgages Make A Comeback?
by Peter G. Miller on August 03, 2015
BLOG VIEW: Could the strange, exotic and often risky loans that were originated in the run-up to the mortgage meltdown make a comeback? You know, [read more]
Mortgage Lenders, Servicers Must Stay Cognizant Of Enforcement Trends
by Lisa Weaver on August 03, 2015
BLOG VIEW: Lenders and servicers are struggling to achieve compliance in a cost-effective and efficient manner - and because regulations are constantly changing, this will [read more]
Is Automating The Mortgage Process Antithetical To Improving Borrower Education?
by Patrick Barnard on July 23, 2015
BLOG VIEW: I am a staunch proponent of borrower education - especially when it comes to mortgages - because, despite the burden it places on [read more]
Must-Haves For Loan Servicing Technology
by Susan Graham on July 23, 2015
BLOG VIEW: The modern-day servicing landscape demands more of servicers than ever before. These demands place more importance on implementing a loan servicing system that [read more]
Is Your Approach To TRID Compliance Sustainable?
by Sanjeev Malaney on July 13, 2015
BLOG VIEW: The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure (TRID) rules are now scheduled to take effect on Oct. 3. Most lenders already have [read more]
Is There A Rainbow On The Horizon For First-Time Home Buyers?
by on July 13, 2015
BLOG VIEW: Despite mortgage interest rates remaining at all-time lows through the first half of this year, first-time home buyers (FTHBs) have not been able [read more]
Why Higher Loan Limits No Longer Matter
by Peter G. Miller on July 07, 2015
BLOG VIEW: Mortgage borrowers may soon be able to get bigger conforming loans for the first time in almost a decade. "Conforming mortgages" are loans [read more]
Business Process As A Service Is Here To Stay
by Roshan Sethi on June 15, 2015
BLOG VIEW: In recent years, the business process as a service (BPaaS) industry has made significant strides, especially regarding loan servicing. Historically, BPaaS focused on [read more]
Evaluating The Appraisal
by George Paquette on June 08, 2015
BLOG VIEW: The foundation of every real estate transaction is the appraisal. Subsequently, appraisal reviews have always been a critical factor in the underwriting process. [read more]
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