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Why Are Lenders Demanding More Disclosures?
by Peter G. Miller on May 18, 2015
BLOG VIEW: There are a lot of ways to make a political point in Washington, and the best examples always leave the public fairly amazed. [read more]
Are Bidding Wars Causing Deals To Fall Through?
by Sam Heskel on May 13, 2015
BLOG VIEW: Bidding wars on homes for sale are heating up in certain parts of the country. Homes are selling especially quickly in the San [read more]
Top Myths About BPO
by Arjun Raman and Pete Butler on May 06, 2015
BLOG VIEW: Business process outsourcing (BPO) has a bum rap in the mortgage industry. There are many myths about BPO that persist to this day, [read more]
Loan Modifications Keep People In Their Homes
by Bernell K. Grier on May 04, 2015
BLOG VIEW: The U.S. economy and the residential housing market may have recovered from the Great Recession, but there are still millions of borrowers around [read more]
The Value Of The All-In-One Platform
by Lynn Effinger on May 04, 2015
BLOG VIEW: There is some debate as to whether we are experiencing a real housing recovery or an artificially created one that is just setting [read more]
Why OCR Technology Must Still Play A Role In The Mortgage Process
by Patrick Barnard on May 01, 2015
BLOG VIEW: Although electronic document (e-doc) and electronic signature (e-sign) technologies are coming to the fore and will be essential in helping lenders comply with [read more]
Millennial Birth Rate Could Mean Trouble For Housing
by Patrick Barnard on April 29, 2015
BLOG VIEW: There's more bad news for the housing industry, as a new report from the Urban Institute finds that the birth rate among millennials [read more]
Will Water Restrictions Out West Impact Home Values?
by Patrick Barnard on April 29, 2015
BLOG VIEW: How will mandatory water restrictions in California affect property values? That's a question many people in the housing industry have been asking lately. [read more]
How Can The Mortgage Industry Properly Benchmark Quality?
by Becky Walzak on April 27, 2015
BLOG VIEW: Last week, in response to a news article regarding the ongoing HUD Office of the Inspector General lawsuit against Wells Fargo's quality control [read more]
Marketing 101: What Every Lender Needs To Know
by Mary Beth Doyle on April 15, 2015
BLOG VIEW: The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) made headlines last year when it hit a mortgage lender with a whopping $20 million fine over [read more]
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