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Billions In Big Bank Fines Highlight Need For Better Document And Data Tracking
on Monday July 21 2014 by Floyd Kephart print the content item
It's rare that a week goes by that I don't read a headline about a big bank being fined billions of dollars for its alleged [read more]
Five Ways To Improve Originations In A Sluggish Market
on Friday July 18 2014 by Nicolle Nelson print the content item
Today's mortgage market environment seems to be mimicking the weather in much of the U.S. recently: As we enter the summer doldrums, originations have stalled. [read more]
A Yard To Play In
on Wednesday July 09 2014 by Patrick Barnard print the content item
BLOG VIEW: I was going through my attic this past weekend and was amazed to see the number of children's toys we have amassed over [read more]
Abundance Of Vacant REO Gives Rise To Anti-Squatting Programs
on Monday July 07 2014 by Michael P. Andrews print the content item
BLOG VIEW: Squatters? Who in the mortgage business even deals with this problem? The problem of squatters occupying vacant, real estate owned (REO) properties has [read more]
Data Destruction: A Complete Job
on Thursday July 03 2014 by Keith Boyce print the content item
BLOG VIEW: The financial industry has to comply with a growing list of regulations and standards around data security to protect consumers including the Gramm-Leach-Bliley [read more]
The Emerging Importance Of Cyber Liability Insurance And EPLI
on Wednesday June 25 2014 by Lee Brodsky print the content item
BLOG VIEW: For lenders, determining proper insurance coverages, limits, optional endorsements and deductibles can be a time-consuming and, let's face it, tedious task. To make [read more]
Vacation Homes Are Bringing In More Than Just R&R
on Tuesday June 24 2014 by Ori Klein print the content item
BLOG VIEW: With the winter safely in the past and summer finally here, relaxing vacations and tropical getaways are on the minds of many a [read more]
Why Lenders Shouldn't Rely On Their LOS For Document Management
on Monday June 23 2014 by David Sohm print the content item
BLOG VIEW: At the heart of a lender's operations is the loan origination system (LOS), a software application that facilitates the loan process, [read more]
Johnson-Crapo Bill To Spark A Return Of Private Capital
on Monday June 09 2014 by Lisa Weaver print the content item
BLOG VIEW: Five years ago, government-sponsored enterprises (GSEs) Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were placed into conservatorship and driven into a shaky future. But if [read more]
Successfully Diversifying Into The Bridge Loan Market
on Monday May 12 2014 by David Henrich print the content item
BLOG VIEW: I have spent most of my professional career financing commercial real estate. Lending platforms have included banks, credit companies and a public mortgage [read more]
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