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HARP's Image Problem
on Friday August 29 2014 by Patrick Barnard print the content item
BLOG VIEW: I couldn't help but chuckle when I watched a video of Mel Watt, director of the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA), saying in [read more]
AMCs Should Compete On What Matters Most To Lenders
on Monday August 11 2014 by Corey Hulbert print the content item
BLOG VIEW: The fourth anniversary of the signing of the Financial Regulatory Reform Bill, better known as the Dodd-Frank legislation, passed in late July. It [read more]
The Riskiest Thing About Vacant REO: Those Darn Swimming Pools
on Tuesday August 05 2014 by Lynn Effinger print the content item
BLOG VIEW: As a former REO manager and senior vice president of a major third-party asset management outsource company, I have toured numerous REO properties [read more]
Has The Electronic Frontier Finally Arrived?
on Monday August 04 2014 by Scott Stucky print the content item
BLOG VIEW: For years, experts in the mortgage industry predicted that electronic documents and e-mortgages were poised to be the next big trend in lending [read more]
Squatters: The New-Old Problem That Won't Go Away
on Thursday July 31 2014 by Lynn Effinger print the content item
BLOG VIEW: In the ever-evolving world of mortgage default servicing, there is an erroneous belief that the recent proliferation of "squatters" invading vacant, abandoned properties [read more]
How CRM Systems Can Drive Both Business And Compliance
on Wednesday July 30 2014 by Susan Scarth print the content item
BLOG VIEW: As the mortgage market shifts from refinance to purchase, the profitability, perhaps even viability, of many firms will depend on how quickly lenders [read more]
Cats And Dogs: Agents And Field Service Companies Need To Work Together
on Tuesday July 29 2014 by Amy G. Dix print the content item
BLOG VIEW: Having more than 20 years of experience as a real estate agent and broker - 16 of which have been focused on the [read more]
How A Zillow-Trulia Merger Could Hurt Mortgage Lenders And Consumers
on Friday July 25 2014 by Rajesh Bhat print the content item
BLOG VIEW: The proposed merger of Zillow and Trulia would be a great win for shareholders of both companies and a hit to real estate [read more]
The Good News And Bad News On REO Deed Fraud
on Wednesday July 23 2014 by Renee Marie Smith print the content item
BLOG VIEW: There's good and bad news for lenders when it comes to real estate owned (REO) deed fraud as we head into the third [read more]
Billions In Big Bank Fines Highlight Need For Better Document And Data Tracking
on Monday July 21 2014 by Floyd Kephart print the content item
BLOG VIEW: It's rare that a week goes by that I don't read a headline about a big bank being fined billions of dollars for [read more]
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