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CFPB To Go Easy On TRID Enforcement
by Patrick Barnard on October 05, 2015
BLOG VIEW: The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) last week sent a letter to mortgage industry trade groups indicating that the bureau will be going [read more]
Running Fast Isn't Enough In Today's Mortgage Market
by Eric Halsey on October 05, 2015
BLOG VIEW: Though there's little doubt that the mortgage industry is on its way to recovery, there are still serious pitfalls affecting mortgage brokers. Too [read more]
Revisiting The TRID 'Grace Period' As The Deadline Approaches
by Debbie K. Hoffman on October 02, 2015
BLOG VIEW: The date is hereā€¦ Oct. 3, 2015. For months, the mortgage industry has been bracing itself for the implementation of the Consumer Financial [read more]
The Black Hole Known As TRID
by on September 25, 2015
BLOG VIEW: Who knew Christmas would come early this year? At least, it did for everyone associated with the mortgage lending industry when the Consumer [read more]
Why Foreign Buyers Love U.S. Real Estate
by Peter G. Miller on September 25, 2015
BLOG VIEW: Foreign money is increasingly moving to the U.S., as rich people overseas seek shelter from financial uncertainty, economic slowdowns and political upheaval. Whether [read more]
Mortgage Insurance And Technology In A TRID-Compliant World
by John Clifford on September 24, 2015
BLOG VIEW: For nearly two years, mortgage industry professionals have been moving mountains to become compliant with the new TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure (TRID) rule, effective [read more]
Bridging The Gap: Three Keys To Working With Today's Borrower
by on September 21, 2015
BLOG VIEW: All things considered, it is turning out to be a solid year for mortgages. In fact, existing-home sales were at their highest pace [read more]
Top Challenges Posed By HOAs And How Servicers Can Tackle Them
by Ann Song on September 21, 2015
BLOG VIEW: With one out of every five properties tied to a homeowners association (HOA), it is critical that mortgage servicers prepare for the obstacles [read more]
How To Effectively Cope With TRID
by Brad Durrer on September 11, 2015
BLOG VIEW: With the upcoming deadline for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's new TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure (TRID) rules just weeks away, the industry holds its [read more]
In Their Pursuit Of Millennials, Are Lenders Overlooking Other Opportunities?
by Jeff McGuiness on September 09, 2015
BLOG VIEW: The biggest challenge currently facing the mortgage industry is its ability to innovate. With most forecasts calling for flat to marginal growth over [read more]
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