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Will The E-Mortgage Finally Become Reality In 2015?
by John Levy on January 29, 2015
BLOG VIEW: As 2015 begins, we are closer than ever to seeing a truly end-to-end electronic mortgage process. However, although the desire is pretty clear-cut [read more]
Beware Of Fool's Gold: How To Avoid False Claims
by Lisa Weaver on January 26, 2015
BLOG VIEW: The False Claims Act has taken center stage over the last few years as regulators crack down on small and large lenders responsible [read more]
Retaining Mortgage Servicing Rights: Strategies For Success
by David Fleig & John Sullivan on January 19, 2015
BLOG VIEW: Many mortgage bankers have concluded that best execution in most cases means selling loans directly to the government-sponsored enterprises (GSEs) and retaining mortgage [read more]
Is Landlord A Title You Can Live With?
by Ori Klein on January 13, 2015
BLOG VIEW: With the economy on the upswing and the real estate market rejuvenated, investing in property is once again on the rise. Acquiring a [read more]
A New Era Is Dawning For The GSEs
by Corey Hulbert on January 07, 2015
BLOG VIEW: As the government-sponsored enterprises (GSEs) return to profitability and the overall housing market stabilizes, many have turned their eyes to the future. Although [read more]
Real Estate Flipping: Is It Really So Terrible?
by Peter G. Miller on January 06, 2015
BLOG VIEW: When it comes to real estate flipping, there are usually two major views: Either real estate flipping is the scourge of the modern [read more]
Three Things Lenders Need To Stay Compliant In 2015
by Nicolle Nielson on January 05, 2015
BLOG VIEW: Everyone knows that compliance will continue to be a huge challenge for mortgage lenders this year. Between high per-loan costs, constantly changing investor [read more]
Home Prices: More Of The Same In 2015?
by Patrick Barnard on December 31, 2014
BLOG VIEW: While I realize it is an incredibly important metric to the housing industry, reporting on home prices - at least on the national [read more]
Dog Bites Agent: The Legal And Ethical Issue Of Abandoned Pets
by Lynn Effinger on December 30, 2014
BLOG VIEW: REO listing agents, their buyer clients and field services contractors face many health and safety problems when visiting bank-owned properties. In [read more]
The Number One Process Lenders Must Automate In 2015
by John Sheppard on December 30, 2014
BLOG VIEW: In recent years, automation has helped mortgage lenders originate, underwrite and sell loans with greater speed, fewer resources and higher quality. Indeed, there [read more]
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