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Top Five Tech Questions To Ask When Vetting An AMC
by Wayne Smith on February 25, 2015
BLOG VIEW: Vendor assessments are long, arduous tasks for any lender. Identifying the right appraisal management company (AMC) requires a lender to ask key questions [read more]
Proposed Meth Lab Disclosure Law Could Create Problems
by Patrick Barnard on February 17, 2015
BLOG VIEW: A proposed federal law introduced by U.S. Sen. Charles E. Schumer, D-N.Y., would require home sellers and landlords to inform buyers and tenants [read more]
FHA Considering Letting Lenders Off The Hook For Minor Loan Defects?
by Patrick Barnard on February 11, 2015
BLOG VIEW: Officials at the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) are reportedly considering dialing-back some of the agency's mortgage rules that can result in major penalties [read more]
Rate Checker Hubbub
by Patrick Barnard on February 06, 2015
BLOG VIEW: What do Google's new mortgage calculator and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's (CFPB) new rate checker tool have in common? They will have [read more]
SPOC Challenges: What Happens When Reality Collides With Good Intentions?
by Barry Hays on February 02, 2015
BLOG VIEW: It began as a well-intentioned effort to address legitimate concerns about the handling of troubled loans during the initial painful throes of the [read more]
Why Mortgages Are Better In 2015
by Peter G. Miller on February 02, 2015
BLOG VIEW: It's hard to imagine that mortgages could be much better in quality now compared to what we saw in 2014, but with 2015 [read more]
2015: The Era Of Vertical Model Matching In The Mortgage Industry Begins
by Drew Waterhouse on January 30, 2015
BLOG VIEW: Several years ago, my partners and I introduced a concept into the recruiting industry: Model Match. Model Match refers to the alignment between [read more]
Will The E-Mortgage Finally Become Reality In 2015?
by John Levy on January 29, 2015
BLOG VIEW: As 2015 begins, we are closer than ever to seeing a truly end-to-end electronic mortgage process. However, although the desire is pretty clear-cut [read more]
Beware Of Fool's Gold: How To Avoid False Claims
by Lisa Weaver on January 26, 2015
BLOG VIEW: The False Claims Act has taken center stage over the last few years as regulators crack down on small and large lenders responsible [read more]
Retaining Mortgage Servicing Rights: Strategies For Success
by David Fleig & John Sullivan on January 19, 2015
BLOG VIEW: Many mortgage bankers have concluded that best execution in most cases means selling loans directly to the government-sponsored enterprises (GSEs) and retaining mortgage [read more]
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