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Phil McCall: FHA's New Loan Defect Taxonomy Could Create Challenges For Lenders
by on August 31, 2015
PERSON OF THE WEEK: Phil McCall is chief operating officer at ACES Risk Management Corp. (ARMCO), where he serves as an expert in quality control [read more]
Barry Hays: Financial IVRs Don't Need 'Personas'
by Patrick Barnard on August 24, 2015
PERSON OF THE WEEK: Barry Hays is co-founder and senior vice president of TeleVoice, a provider of contact center solutions to the mortgage servicing industry. [read more]
Timothy Stern: The Value Of Video In The Mortgage Process
by Patrick Barnard on August 17, 2015
PERSON OF THE WEEK: Timothy Stern is president of VidVerify, a company that aims to make video a part of the mortgage process. MortgageOrb recently [read more]
The Lure And Dangers Of Biweekly Mortgages
by Peter G. Miller on August 12, 2015
BLOG VIEW: For as long as anyone can remember, biweekly mortgages have been a financial oddity - a form of lending that, in theory, actually [read more]
Michael Kelleher: Without A Mobile Strategy, Lenders Are Nowhere
by Patrick Barnard on August 10, 2015
PERSON OF THE WEEK: Michael Kelleher is co-founder of Easy Mortgage Apps, a software company that offers a secure mobile platform facilitating real-time communications and [read more]
Devdatta Patil: Borrower Data Must Be Properly 'Wiped'
by Patrick Barnard on August 04, 2015
PERSON OF THE WEEK: Devdatta Patil is the release manager for IndiSoft, a company that provides a range of software solutions for the mortgage servicing [read more]
Will Exotic Mortgages Make A Comeback?
by Peter G. Miller on August 03, 2015
BLOG VIEW: Could the strange, exotic and often risky loans that were originated in the run-up to the mortgage meltdown make a comeback? You know, [read more]
Mortgage Lenders, Servicers Must Stay Cognizant Of Enforcement Trends
by Lisa Weaver on August 03, 2015
BLOG VIEW: Lenders and servicers are struggling to achieve compliance in a cost-effective and efficient manner - and because regulations are constantly changing, this will [read more]
Paul Clifford: Collaboration Critical To Complying With TRID
by on July 28, 2015
PERSON OF THE WEEK: Paul Clifford is president of Simplifile, a software company offering a suite of collaboration, e-recording and post-closing solutions. MortgageOrb recently interviewed [read more]
Is Automating The Mortgage Process Antithetical To Improving Borrower Education?
by Patrick Barnard on July 23, 2015
BLOG VIEW: I am a staunch proponent of borrower education - especially when it comes to mortgages - because, despite the burden it places on [read more]
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