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CoreLogic: Completed Foreclsures Up 5.9% In March
by on 29 Apr 2014 print the content item
About 48,000 foreclosures were completed in March, an increase of 5.9% compared to the approximately 45,000 completed in February and a 10% decline from the [read more]
Using Social Media To Boost Mortgage Banking Sales Volume
Vol. 6 | Issue 1 | December 2011
by Phil Hall on 07 Dec 2011
The societal impact of social-media sites has been extraordinary. But while many people use these sites for entertainment or to relay trivial personal information, mortgage [read more]
Are Mortgage Bankers Comfortable With Technology?
Vol. 5 | Issue 12 | October 2011
by Phil Hall on 26 Sep 2011
The British writer Arthur C. Clarke once commented, "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." But for many years within mortgage banking, it often [read more]
Shadow Inventory Darkens The Origination Market
Vol. 5 | Issue 11 | August 2011
by Phil Hall on 28 Jul 2011
It is not difficult to recognize the challenge posed by the so-called "shadow inventory" to the origination market. The difficulty, however, comes in confirming a [read more]
A Price-Optimization Strategy Primer
Vol. 5 | Issue 10 | June 2011
by Brian King on 25 May 2011
Many U.S. financial institutions are eliminating or reducing high-risk assets that require more capital in preparation for the new Basel III recommendations that go into [read more]
How Safe Is Your Data?
Vol. 5 | Issue 9 | April 2011
by Phil Hall on 24 Mar 2011
Some recent news from cyberspace has been troubling: NASDAQ acknowledged in February that hackers broke into a service that handles confidential communications for some 300 [read more]
A New Cautious Optimism For The Manufactured-Housing Sector
Vol. 5 | Issue 8 | February 2011
by Phil Hall on 27 Jan 2011
In December 2010, the manufactured-housing sector received an unexpected piece of good news: A report issued by Fitch Ratings credited the sector as being one [read more]
Maintaining The Right Team For A Difficult Market
Vol. 5 | Issue 7 | December 2010
by Phil Hall on 23 Nov 2010
With the worst of the economic crisis slowly fading into the receding distance, but with the full warmth of recovery still out of reach, originators [read more]
What Can Be Learned From The Canadian Experience?
Vol. 5 | Issue 6 | October 2010
by Phil Hall on 27 Sep 2010
A variation of the old cliche about how the grass always seems greener in the neighbor's yard has taken place in the North American housing [read more]
Using Your Website To Boost Origination Volume
Vol. 5 | Issue 5 | August 2010
by Eric Robichaud on 22 Jul 2010
Everyone knows that a website is an essential marketing tool for a business. Yet strangely, too many people do not know how to use [read more]
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