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MISMO Conversions Help Ease Post-M&A Integrations
Vol. 5 | Issue 8 | December 2011
by Matthew J. Seu & Tim McLuckie on 01 Dec 2011
The entire mortgage industry is at a crossroads. As the market traverses through the chaos caused by the housing industry collapse, companies are faced with [read more]
How To Handle A Growing Volume Of Assignments
by Marshall Taylor on 03 Nov 2011
Mortgage assignment volume is exploding as lenders face a record number of foreclosures this year, with estimates reaching 1.2 million by the end of 2011. [read more]
Servicers Step Up QC Of Loss Mit Pipeline
Vol. 5 | Issue 7 | November 2011
by John Clapp on 24 Oct 2011
With so many moving parts tied to any given loan in a servicer's loss mitigation pipeline - and with the threat of regulatory penalties always [read more]
Servicers Optimizing Attorney Oversight Functions
Vol. 5 | Issue 6 | October 2011
by Terri Key-Cravens & Kathleen Guerrette-Mitchell on 26 Sep 2011
For years, the struggle for profitability and the fine line between success and failure have been present in the servicing space. Throughout the industry, vendors [read more]
Tech Vendors Lending A Hand With Regulatory Interpretations
Vol. 5 | Issue 5 | September 2011
by John Clapp on 25 Aug 2011
With single point of contact (SPOC) or similar terminology increasingly finding its way into discussions of servicing best practices, the industry finds itself racing to [read more]
Communication Key To Avoiding TPP Skirmishes
Vol. 5 | Issue 4 | August 2011
by Geoffrey Milne on 27 Jul 2011
In 2009, when the federal government introduced the Making Home Affordable program, a two-pronged piece of legislation that included both the Home Affordable Refinance Program [read more]
The Deficiency Dilemma: Resolution Or Bankruptcy?
Vol. 5 | Issue 3 | July 2011
by Doreen Hoffman on 28 Jun 2011
As media coverage has made clear, and as many homeowners have experienced firsthand, there has been an unprecedented number of foreclosures in recent years. The [read more]
Using Lease-And-Hold To Counter The Vacancy Scourge
Vol. 5 | Issue 2 | June 2011
by Denia Graham on 02 Jun 2011
The nation has been plagued by the housing crisis for several years. It is hard to go a day without noticing the blight it has [read more]
Agencies Work To Obligate Emergency Funds
Vol. 5 | Issue 1 | May 2011
by John Clapp on 28 Apr 2011
At the start of last month, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) announced it had approved five states' bids to administer its [read more]
Just Who's Buying Sub-$50K REOs?
Vol. 4 | Issue 12 | April 2011
by John Clapp on 30 Mar 2011
Local - and in many instances, part-time or inexperienced - investors are a major buyer force when it comes to real estate owned properties (REOs) [read more]
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