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Mortgage Compliance Puts New Focus On Vendor Customer Support
Volume 2 | Issue 49 | December 18, 2013
by Mark Mackey on 17 Dec 2013 print the content item
At the beginning of this year, our company predicted that 2013 would be the "Year of Docs," and our prediction has proven correct. With the [read more]
Despite Rising Property Values, Eminent Domain Plans Still On The Table
Volume 2 | Issue 48 | December 11, 2013
by Nora Caley on 10 Dec 2013 print the content item
Although the rate of underwater mortgages has decreased significantly in the past year due to rising property values, politicians, research analysts, investment professionals and others [read more]
REO-To-Rental Securitizations: Wacky Idea Or Sound Investment?
Volume 2 | Issue 47 | December 4, 2013
by Nora Caley on 03 Dec 2013 print the content item
As former homeowners become renters in droves, corporate landlords and large investors are finding a new way to cash in on the trend. While most [read more]
FHFA Takes Action On Lender-Placed Insurance - But Is It Enough?
Volume 2 | Issue 46 | November 27, 2013
by Nora Caley on 26 Nov 2013 print the content item
The Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) is taking action to resolve issues surrounding lender-placed insurance (LPI) by directing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to prohibit [read more]
Banks Moving Away From Pre-Approvals
Volume 2 | Issue 45 | November 20, 2013
by Nora Caley on 19 Nov 2013 print the content item
Banks are abandoning the use of pre-approvals as a step in mortgage originations. As competition among lenders has dwindled, there is less need for banks [read more]
MBA's Transformation 'Far More Than A Marketing Effort'
Volume 2 | Issue 44 | November 13, 2013
by Patrick Barnard on 12 Nov 2013 print the content item
As the mortgage banking industry continues to be reshaped by legislative, regulatory and economic factors, the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA), which is celebrating its 100th [read more]
Pay Now, Get Nothing
Volume 2 | Issue 43 | November 6, 2013
by Nora Caley on 05 Nov 2013 print the content item
A recent report from the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) indicates there has been an increase in the number of complaints about foreclosure rescue schemes. [read more]
The Mortgage Implications Of Wildfires
Volume 2 | Issue 42 | October 30, 2013
by Nora Caley on 29 Oct 2013
When people think of wildfire risk, they probably think of heavily wooded forests and the second homes located within these scenic, remote areas. But a [read more]
No Wonder They're Living With Their Parents
Volume 2 | Issue 41 | October 23, 2013
by Nora Caley on 22 Oct 2013 print the content item
College graduates are struggling with student loans so much that it's affecting the housing market - that's according to the Federal Reserve Bank of New [read more]
Water - And Complaints About FEMA - Everywhere
Volume 2 | Issue 40 | October 16, 2013
by Nora Caley on 15 Oct 2013 print the content item
It's never too late to fight against legislation, even if the law was passed more than a year ago. The Biggert-Waters Flood Insurance Reform Act [read more]
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