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22 Jan 2013: 17:37

The government spends enough on housing already. Your implying that they could/should be spending more and cannot as a result of obesity. As for payment issues on origination, underwriting is done on an income look back and at current level therefore promotion should not be an issue. As for medical costs taking from the borrowers capacity (ability to pay), they should have adequate insurance to cover costs (an issue that could have been solved with increased access to cover the uninsured not a total overhaul of healthcare as under Obamacare, though Obamacare should eliminate the cost to the borrower, correct?). This leaves the issue of unpaid time away from work which I would imagine is equivalent to smokers and others with unhealthy lifestyles.
Your mention of the upcoming demographic of obese is presumptive as these same young people will be living their young years in less polluted cities, lead free homes, safer workplaces and countless other environmental factors that should mitigate the impact relative to historical numbers.
22 Jan 2013: 20:18

Phil Hall is just being a Cheeky Monkey
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