CMPS Institute Using Optimal Blue’s Real-Time Pricing To Increase Accuracy

Posted by Patrick Barnard on June 02, 2017 No Comments
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CMPS Institute, a national organization that certifies mortgage bankers and brokers, has selected Optimal Blue as its partner to provide loan officers with highly accurate, real-time product eligibility and pricing through the Optimal Blue API.

The CMPS platform is a CRM technology and lead conversion suite for banks, credit unions, mortgage companies and individual loan originators. Loan originators use the platform to create and keep track of daily sales activities, prepare loan comparison reports, automate marketing, and measure progress with each borrower and strategic partner relationship.

By integrating Optimal Blue’s real-time product eligibility and pricing content directly into the CMPS workflow, loan originators can now easily leverage real-time, accurate pricing directly from the CMPS system when comparing loan options, Optimal Blue says in a press release.

“Our partnership with Optimal Blue will help banks, credit unions and mortgage companies to improve their customer experience,” says Gibran Nicholas, CEO of CMPS Institute and creator of the CMPS Platform. “This integration will empower loan originators to compare loan options more effectively and automatically send quarterly mortgage reviews to their borrowers, comparing the borrower’s interest rate with current market rates. This gives loan originators a relevant way to stay in touch with their database, improve client retention and unlock the lifetime value of their clients.”

“For too long, mortgage industry services have been isolated and essentials like real-time pricing and product eligibility were considered out of reach to even the most sophisticated platforms,” adds Chazz Huston, strategic alliances manager for Optimal Blue. “Partnering and integrating with CMPS changes the game. This integration brings together a first-in-class CRM with the best-in-class enterprise secondary marketing solution to provide instant and accurate pricing and creates a model for how to move the industry forward.”

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