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What Is The CFPB’s Ultimate Fate?

Written by Patrick Barnard on February 22, 2017

MORNING COMMUTE: I was at the Mortgage Bankers Association’s National Mortgage Servicing Conference & Expo 2017 in Dallas this past week, and, somewhat embarrassingly, I am just now getting caught up. But first, the music this morning was Jethro Tull’s [Read More]

Black Knight Pumping Out News Lately

Written by Patrick Barnard on February 20, 2017

BLOG VIEW: In case you haven’t noticed, mortgage software, data and analytics company Black Knight Financial Services has been pumping out news lately, starting with the release of its fourth-quarter and full-year 2016 financial results on Feb. 1. Company revenues [Read More]

How To Boost The Inventory Of Homes For Sale

Written by Peter G. Miller on February 15, 2017

BLOG VIEW: We love first-time home buyers. They’re great and wonderful people, and we have done everything possible to encourage their interest in real estate. We have lined up tax breaks they can’t get as renters, explained how property reflects [Read More]

Morning Commute: Does Trump Have A Reason To Fire Richard Cordray?

Written by Patrick Barnard on February 13, 2017

MORNING COMMUTE: Welcome to Morning Commute, the blog dedicated to those mortgage professionals with substantial commutes – featuring random mortgage news and insights, along with a dash of music analysis thrown in for fun! This morning, the music blaring in [Read More]

Six Safe Ways To Loosen Mortgage Standards

Written by Peter G. Miller on February 07, 2017

BLOG VIEW: “The housing market’s biggest constraint at the moment is tight credit standards,” says The Weekly Standard – a view that is widely shared, and with some reason: According to the Urban Institute, “Lenders would have issued 6.3 million [Read More]

Morning Commute: Dodd-Frank ‘Reliance’ And Getting Real About Unemployment

Written by Patrick Barnard on February 06, 2017

MORNING COMMUTE: Welcome to the inaugural edition of “Morning Commute,” a semi-regular blog dedicated to those mortgage professionals who have long commutes – whether by auto, train, cab, shuttle or subway, or any mix thereof! It’s about commuting, music, and [Read More]

The Art Of The Deal

Written by Timothy Moreland on January 31, 2017

BLOG VIEW: In the days following one of the most unique presidential elections in American history, the scene was anything but “business as usual.” Turmoil in the global markets, protests in the streets, rejoicing in the “red states” and endless [Read More]

Expanding The Definition Of ‘Digital Mortgage’

Written by Greg Marek on January 20, 2017

Does the definition of “digital mortgage” need to be expanded? If you consider the entire mortgage process, perhaps so.

Will Mortgage Interest Deductions Become Extinct In 2017?

Written by Peter G. Miller on January 18, 2017

Right now, a lot of people who expected to write off mortgage insurance in 2017 may be in for an April surprise.

Will The Trump Administration Lower Mortgage Fees?

Written by Peter G. Miller on January 12, 2017

BLOG VIEW: In an unexpected decision, the outgoing Obama administration has announced a 0.25% reduction in the Federal Housing Administration’s (FHA) annual mortgage insurance premium (MIP) – enough to save borrowers an average of $500 a year, according to the [Read More]

Fannie Mae Investor Reporting: Changes Coming Feb. 1

Written by Susan Graham on January 09, 2017

BLOG VIEW: As we move into the new year, the mortgage industry continues to experience a time of great change and transformation, as new rules and regulations are being updated and introduced on a more frequent basis. Although the upcoming Home [Read More]

The Secret Is In The Data

Written by Harry Gardner on January 04, 2017

BLOG VIEW: What’s at the heart of the mortgage industry? Some might argue it is underwriting, or compliance, or the secondary market, or the performance of loans. And although all of those are important areas, none of those facets of [Read More]

New Home Loan Refinance Product May Help Address Student Debt Debacle

Written by Patrick Barnard on January 03, 2017

SoFi has worked closely with Fannie Mae to develop a new refinance program that helps borrowers mitigate student debt burden.

Closing Time: Digital Loans Are Great, But Still Not As Important As Sales

Written by Chris Backe on December 27, 2016

(Editor’s note: “Closing Time” is a semi-regular “Blog View” series brought to readers of MortgageOrb by the folks at Velocify, which offers an automated marketing and sales platform geared toward the mortgage industry.) CLOSING TIME: The mortgage industry had a [Read More]

How To Avoid Losing Valuable Originators During The Winter

Written by Daniel Jacobs on December 22, 2016

BLOG VIEW: Although the holidays make this the most wonderful time of the year for some, it can also be the time of year when originators leave their current companies in search of brighter horizons. Even though originator movement during the [Read More]

When It Comes To Industry Collaboration, TRID Was Only The Beginning

Written by Melanie Cornelius on December 19, 2016

Costs, investor requirements and market will only drive lenders and service providers to collaborate more than ever before in the coming months and years.

How Will Mortgage Rates Fare Under Fed Tightening?

Written by Les Parker on December 19, 2016

BLOG VIEW: The Fed, after over 18 months of dithering, is finally embarking on a strong dollar policy. That is what I see as the ultimate consequence of the Dec. 14 announcement by the Federal Open Market Committee to hike [Read More]

Delinquent Utility Bills And The Risk To Lenders

Delinquencies for utility, trash and fire district bills can be small amounts – some as low as $50 – but they often are not reported to lenders.

2017: A Year Of Uncertainty

Written by Kristopher Barros on December 12, 2016

BLOG VIEW: With the New Year looming, it’s time to rethink some of the dated perceptions of the housing market and how it will behave. Surviving as a lender in 2017 may require looking at homeownership from the new perspectives [Read More]

How Lenders Can Prepare Borrowers For The Appraisal Process

Written by Rida Sharaf on December 08, 2016

BLOG VIEW: As a mortgage professional, it is likely that you know the ins and outs of the appraisal process like the back of your hand. To others, however, the appraisal process can seem highly complicated and confusing, and borrowers [Read More]