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Rudy Zabran: Mortgage Risk Management Has Matured Over The Years

Posted by Patrick Barnard on September 28, 2016

PERSON OF THE WEEK: Having been a third-party risk management provider since 2005, Opus Capital Markets Consultants has been in the unique position of helping the mortgage industry undergo a major (and often painful) transformation during the past 10 years. [Read More]

Barry Hays: Expect Further Innovation In Mortgage Contact Center Technology

Patrick Barnard
Written by Patrick Barnard on September 21, 2016

PERSON OF THE WEEK: Today’s IP-based contact center systems are helping mortgage servicers gain new efficiencies, hold down operating costs and maintain compliance. The vendors that provide these systems often play an important role in helping servicers get the most [Read More]

Automation: An Underwriter’s New Best Friend

Written by Sanjeev Malaney on September 19, 2016

BLOG VIEW: It is generally acknowledged that underwriting is the most crucial function of the mortgage loan production process. And, in most cases, underwriters’ compensation reflects how important they are to a lender’s business. Yet, too often, underwriters’ skills aren’t [Read More]

How Mortgage Lenders Can Better Support Loan Officers For Greater Success

Written by Dana Fortin on September 15, 2016

BLOG VIEW: The housing industry has seen solid gains in the last several years, helping lift overall economic growth. In fact, existing-home sales maintained their upward trajectory in June and increased for the fourth consecutive month, according to the National [Read More]

Three Keys To Origination Success

Written by Daniel Jacobs on September 14, 2016

BLOG VIEW: Having worked with hundreds of successful retail branch managers over the last 20 years, I am often asked what the common traits are of the most successful originators and managers. The reality is there are many factors that [Read More]

Bubble Trouble Once The Rate Gravy Train Comes To A Halt?

Written by Jimmy Alvarez on September 12, 2016

Ask speculators who experienced the Lehman meltdown and they will tell you that there are certain signs they wish they hadn’t missed.

Audrey Clearwater: The Many Benefits Of Commercial Evaluations

Patrick Barnard
Written by Patrick Barnard on September 12, 2016

PERSON OF THE WEEK: As appraisal management companies (AMCs) respond to regulatory changes and a shortage of appraisers, they are increasingly looking at expanding their offerings beyond traditional commercial appraisals to include other valuation services. Commercial evaluations have become a [Read More]

Brian Simons: SAFE Act Changes Would Be Good For Consumers

Patrick Barnard
Written by Patrick Barnard on September 06, 2016

PERSON OF THE WEEK: Brian Simons is founder and president of Altavera Mortgage Services, offering collaborative, end-to-end loan fulfillment services to residential loan originators. Previously, he served as executive vice president and chief operating officer of Urban Lending Solutions, one [Read More]

Daniel Jacobs: Regulations Have Made Retail Mortgage Business ‘Far More Stable’

Posted by Patrick Barnard on August 29, 2016

PERSON OF THE WEEK: Daniel Jacobs is executive vice president and managing director of retail for MiMutual Mortgage, a privately held retail and wholesale non-depository mortgage lender headquartered in Port Huron, Mich. The company is licensed in 30-plus states and [Read More]

Sanjeev Malaney: Wholesale Lenders Must Leverage Technology To Automate Key Processes

Posted by Patrick Barnard on August 24, 2016

PERSON OF THE WEEK: Sanjeev Malaney is founder and CEO of Capsilon Corp., a provider of document and data management solutions that enable mortgage lenders, investors and servicers to increase productivity and lower costs while ensuring compliance.

Making The Most Of EAD

Written by George Paquette on August 22, 2016

BLOG VIEW: In recent years, change has been synonymous with challenge. Although many regulatory changes have created added burdens for lenders and other mortgage industry participants, it’s important to acknowledge the changes simplifying mandatory processes. Consider, for instance, the Federal Housing [Read More]

Bill Canfield: FHA Handbook Changes Require Servicers To Review QC Practices

Posted by Patrick Barnard on August 15, 2016

PERSON OF THE WEEK: Bill Canfield is compliance consulting specialist with Wolters Kluwer, a firm that provides software solutions and expertise to help tax, accounting and audit professionals research and navigate complex regulations, comply with legislation, manage their businesses, and [Read More]

Getting The Most Out Of Online Originations

Written by Lionel Urban on August 11, 2016

BLOG VIEW: Increasingly, shopping is being done online these days – and shopping for a mortgage is no exception. Millennials, in particular, are likely to at least start the process of looking for a home loan online. As that segment [Read More]

Jeffrey Brother: Finding Success Through Proper LO Support

Posted by Patrick Barnard on August 08, 2016

PERSON OF THE WEEK: Jeffrey Brother is a Dallas-based branch manager for Embrace Home Loans, a direct lender for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, approved by the Federal Housing Administration and Veterans Affairs, and an issuer for Ginnie Mae. MortgageOrb [Read More]

Keith Guenther: Mortgage Companies To Further Consolidate Their Technology And Services

Posted by Patrick Barnard on August 03, 2016

PERSON OF THE WEEK: Keith Guenther is CEO and founder of USRES and RES.NET, offering real estate owned (REO) disposition, default valuations services and technology to the mortgage banking industry. MortgageOrb recently interviewed Guenther to learn more about how the [Read More]

Closing Time: Investing Back Into Sales

Written by Chris Backe on August 03, 2016

(Editor’s note: “Closing Time” is a new, semi-regular “Blog View” series brought to readers of MortgageOrb by the folks at Velocify, which offers an automated marketing and sales platform geared for the mortgage industry. To read the first post in [Read More]

Why Mortgage Rates Aren’t Going Up Anytime Soon

Written by Peter G. Miller on August 02, 2016

BLOG VIEW: Mortgage rates have been consistently below 4% since New Year’s Eve, and there’s no reason to think they will suddenly soar. If anything, the market forces behind the lending process are pointing down in a way that may be [Read More]

Post-Crisis, The Word ‘Audit’ Strikes Fear In Most Mortgage Lenders

Written by Pramod Karachur on August 01, 2016

BLOG VIEW: We hear a lot about the constant changes in the mortgage industry. During the last few years, most of the changes have been due to new regulations and the need to be compliant with them. Companies have used [Read More]

New Licensing And Bonding Requirements For Iowa Appraisal Management Companies

Written by Todd Bryant on July 26, 2016

BLOG VIEW: Appraisal management companies (AMCs) in Iowa are now required to comply with a new set of requirements and conditions, as mandated by a recently enacted bill. The bill includes provisions on the conditions under which AMCs in Iowa may [Read More]

Brent Chandler: Auto Verification Leads To Greater Purchase Certainty

Posted by Patrick Barnard on July 25, 2016

PERSON OF THE WEEK: Brent Chandler is the founder and CEO of FormFree Holdings Inc., producer of AccountChek, an investor-accepted automated asset verification solution that collects and analyzes data directly from a borrower’s financial institution to help lenders save time, [Read More]