AHMSI Signs Servicing Contract With LPS

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Lender Processing Services Inc. (LPS), a provider of integrated technology and services to the mortgage industry, says that American Home Mortgage Servicing Inc. (AHMSI) has signed a multiyear contract to service its loans on LPS' Mortgage Servicing Package (MSP) and to use LPS Desktop for workflow management across all mortgage-related activities.

In partnership with LPS, AHMSI has converted 175,000 loans to LPS' servicing system. These loans are in addition to the 300,000 loans currently serviced using MSP that AHMSI recently acquired from another servicer.

‘We more than doubled our portfolio with a recent acquisition and intend to continue to grow,’ says David M. Friedman, president and chief executive officer of AHMSI. ‘The depth and breadth of MSP, combined with the flexibility and automation of LPS Desktop, make LPS the ideal partner for servicing our growing portfolio.’

AHMSI uses MSP in all areas of its mortgage servicing, including loan setup and maintenance, cashiering, escrow administration, investor accounting, default management and regulatory reporting. By extending MSP with LPS Desktop, AHMSI also gains an integrated process management, imaging, and invoice and expense management solution, LPS says.

Source: LPS

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